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My Idol Is Reality
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My Only Idol is Reality is a video work created from an excerpt of Season One of MTV’s "The Real World." The piece uses repetition as a framework for abstraction —  re-recording the video between tape


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Tags: african-american, documentary, found footage, race, television

2014 | 06:00
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Wawa peeks at the anxieties and difficulties of communication through the interactions between speakers of an endangered Indigenous language, each from differing cultural backgrounds and generations. By transforming the chronology of the language,...


Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: documentary, indigenous, language

Fences Make Senses
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Fences Make Senses re-stages and interrogates international barriers and borders using the bodies of non-refugees. Through a series of rehearsals, Barber aims to have privileged bodies experience the themes, situations, and ideas that refugees...


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Tags: middle east, migration, performance, politics, post-colonialism

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Little Radek, the step-dancing Bolshevik; Machera, the Andean Robin Hood, and Maria Spiridonova, the Russian socialist assassin are your guides for Past Leftist Life Regression therapy. In this third Inner Trotsky Child video, narrator Lois Severin...


Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: activism, labor, philosophy, politics, state, the

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Sara Magenheimer: Slow Zoom Long Pause Conversations at the Edge October 20th, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago Sara Magenheimer, still from Slow...
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The New York Film Festival, now in its 54th year, runs September 30th to October 16th, 2016. This year marks the third year of the Festival’s unique...
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VDB TV presents: CHANNELING: an invocation of spectral bodies and queer spirits John Di Stefano | EMR | Hermine Freed | Elliot Montague Shana...
7 weeks 6 days ago
This Fall 2016 Video Data Bank (VDB) celebrates forty years of fostering awareness and scholarship of video and media art. Founded at the School of...
15 weeks 5 days ago VDB TV presents: Invalid data — dreaming through the gaps As part of Video Data Bank’s ongoing commitment to the presentation...
16 weeks 6 days ago
Still from Partially Buried Continued, copyright Renée Green. Courtesy of Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Video Data...
17 weeks 8 hours ago
We are thrilled to welcome George William Price and Zachary Vanes to VDB. Both George and Zach bring with them a wealth of experience and a passion...
24 weeks 7 hours ago VDB TV Presents: Ship of Fools Curated by George William Price As part of Video Data Bank’s ongoing commitment to the public...
25 weeks 5 days ago
Video Data Bank has been a proud partner of International Short Film Festival Oberhausen for the past eight years, during which time the festival...
32 weeks 4 days ago
This month, Video Data Bank continues its longstanding support of the Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF). The 54th edition of the festival runs March...
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