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2014 | 23:30
Ben Russell, Atlantis
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"We Utopians are happy / This will last forever"

Loosely framed by Plato's invocation of the lost continent of Atlantis in 360 BC and its re-re-resurrection via a 1970s science fiction pulp novel, Atlantis is a documentary...


Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: landscape, minimalism, myth, nature

Videofreex, Tuned In, Turned On! Videofreex Tape the World
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Formed in 1969 at the legendary Woodstock Music Festival by David Cort and Parry Teasdale, who met while taping the events with the newly available Portapak video equipment, the Videofreex (also known as "the Freex") were one of the very first...


Collection: New Releases, Single Artist Compilations, Videofreex Archive, Early Video Art

Tags: activism, african-american, art collective, body, chicago art, consumer culture, feminism, film or videomaking, image processing, performance, race, state, the, technology, television, video history

Peer Bode, Light Bulb with circular update (camera zoom + pan + variable clock)
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"Real time digital buffer recording, light bulb, panning camera motor and turntable. Light Bulb, the title says it almost all. Real time recording events. Two cameras, light bulb, camera panning motor, electric lazy susan, spinning white paper...


Collection: New Releases, Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: image processing, memory, video history

Parry Teasdale: An Interview
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Parry Teasdale is one of the founding members of the video art collective Videofreex, which was active in the 1960s and 70s. In...


Collection: New Releases, On Art and Artists, Interviews, Videofreex Archive, Single Titles

Tags: activism, art collective, film or videomaking, media analysis, television, tv production, vdb interviews