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2000 | 06:23
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George Kuchar experimented with in-camera editing effects more and more in his later career, and Snapshots is no exception. Using a dizzying array of solarizations, wipes and checker board fadeouts, Kuchar creates an unstable visual...


Collection: New Releases, Kuchar Archive, Single Titles

Tags: camp, george kuchar

Cecilia Dougherty, The Writers Series
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The Writers Series is a series of video portraits of writers whose work I love.

-- Cecilia Dougherty


Collection: New Releases, On Art and Artists, Single Artist Compilations

Tags: aids/hiv, artist portraits, city, documentary, feminism, interview, language, lgbt, literature, poetry, portrait

Harun Farocki, Parallel III
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The fourā€part cycle Parallel deals with the image genre of computer animation. The series focuses on the construction, visual landscape and inherent rules of computer-animated worlds.

"Computer animations are currently...


Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: environment, history, media analysis, video games

Peer Bode, 100 Sec. Lumination
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"My first digital recording and my first and only recording with Don McArthur's "Spatial and Intensity Digitizer". The digitizer was not working properly. I had no idea. The shift I saw was stunning. Digitalization of luminosity, strange notion,...


Collection: New Releases, Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: image processing, time, video history