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2014 | 10:00
Mike Kuchar, Nonsensical
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Bouncing baloons, cloth puppets and loud mouthed 'wall-bangers' enliven a grown up nursery.

—Mike Kuchar


Collection: New Releases, Kuchar Archive

Tags: camp, youth/childhood

Pere Bode, Cup Mix (2 Channels)
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"A cup and saucer, pouring and drinking coffee, a duration ritual of contemplation and invigoration, doubled (tape copied), mixed, keyed + synthetic color, normal play and rewinding, sync events, the opening of a space to put the self in. 1/2...


Collection: New Releases, Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: image processing, memory, performance, video history

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In this interview, American writer, artist, performer Eileen Myles (b.1949) discusses the various philosophies that motivate her work,...


Collection: New Releases, On Art and Artists, Interviews

Tags: body, feminism, interview, lgbtq, literature, poetry, politics, vdb interviews

1969 | 1:18:35
Videofreex, Subject to Change
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In early 1969, inspired by the raw energy of their Woodstock tapes, a CBS television executive named Don West commissioned the nascent Videofreex collective to produce a new kind of TV program with "contemporary relevancy" to be aimed at the...


Collection: New Releases, Videofreex Archive, Single Titles

Tags: art collective, film or videomaking, television, video history