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2011 | 32:00
Cam Archer, Their Houses
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Filmmaker Cam Archer examines and explores his ordinary, suburban neighborhood in search of hidden truths, new narratives and a better understanding of his fading, creative self. Combing heavily degraded video with personal photographs and real...


Collection: New Releases, Single Titles

Tags: autobiography, diary, found footage, memory

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The four‐part cycle Parallel deals with the image genre of computer animation. The series focuses on the construction, visual landscape and inherent rules of computer-animated worlds.

“Computer animations are currently becoming a general...


Collection: New Releases, Single Artist Compilations, Compilations

Tags: technology, video games, war

Terry Eagleton: An Interview
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In this interview, political and social theorist, Terry Eagleton (b. 1943), shares stories of his Irish upbringing and British education...


Collection: New Releases, On Art and Artists, Interviews, Single Titles

Tags: history, interview, memory, philosophy, religion/spirituality, vdb interviews, visiting artists program

1978 | 08:14
Peer Bode, Ring Modulation
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"Image states / sound states. A bell, hand held, ringing, two oscillators each independently controlling a sync event -- a red and blue color together with sound and no sound state and a sweeping video clip, together with audio filtering. ...


Collection: New Releases, Early Video Art, Single Titles

Tags: visual art