Artist Interviews

In this interview, Macdonald talks with Wojtasik about the importance of facing fear and challenging taboos in his work, and about Wojtasik’s use of emotionally charged imagery to expose the necessary relativity and contingency behind all manifestations of ideology, as well as to explore the simultaneity and codependence of beauty and ugliness in all things.

The interview with the artist was conducted by Museum of Modern Art curators Eva Respini and Ana Janevski for Projects 100: Akram Zaatari by email in April 2013. The essay was published in conjunction with the exibition Projects 100: Akram Zaatari is the North American premiere of two of Zaatari’s video installations.

This essay argues for a different approach to On Art and Artists, one that delves into the social and political mechanics of the “artist interview” — as an object and form integral to the history of art — and the historically specific stakes of Blumenthal and Horsfield's distribution of the tapes to universities, museum libraries, and art festivals in the 1970s and 1980s.