Pencicle of Praise, Martha Rosler

Vice President Mike Pence eagerly plays cheerleader in chief for Donald Trump. In accepting the vice-presidential nomination in 2016, Pence proclaimed, “I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican — in that order,” suggesting how we might...


Shelly Silver
2018 | 06:53
This Film

Filming is alchemy; preserving, seeing, devouring, cutting. Chopping the flow of images with a push of a button. It privileges a solitary unseen protagonist, choosing this over that and then that, it eats anything, not everything,


Shelly Silver
2018 | 03:38

In 1959, Jean Seberg stares into Raoul Coutard’s 35mm camera lens and then turns – the closing frame of Godard’s Breathless is the back of her head. For the film it is a closing. For her character it is less clear. Is it a refusal? A...


frog spider hand horse house

In Shelly Silver’s “frog spider hand horse house,” the effort of all things to keep existing has been observed by someone with a camera who seems, as far as personality goes, to be no one. This acutely neutral watcher — curious and patient,...


Score for Joanna Kotze

An imaginary room resembling a swimming pool. An actual body of water. Sea creatures carried by the wind. Plastic. A dance film that leaves us primarily in the dark. A dance score for the choreographer Joanna Kotze.

Voice: Maureen McLane...


On the Domestication of Sheep

How to turn wild animals into milk, meat and wool machines... a model for the sexual subjugation of women... at first female captives, then wives and daughters.

Animation: Kerri Allegretta

Editing/Sound Design: Michael Simon



John Smith
2020 | 02:32

The artist follows the British government's advice while self-isolating at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.


Turmoil in the Garden, Kristen Bates

Turmoil in the Garden is a video adaptation of David Wojnarowicz's 1982 book Sounds in the Distance: Thirty-five Monologues from the Road.

Cast includes: Allen Frame, Tara Kelly, Nan Goldin, Kirsten Bates, Elisabeth...


Curious Fantasies, Jesse McLean

The language and imagery related to celebrity perfumes (both descriptive and visual) are a starting point to think about consumer desires and the corruptness of branding. Give us your songs, your smells and we will give you everything. The rich...