One on One: Ricky and Cecelia, Wendy Clarke

Featuring Ricky and Cecelia from Wendy Clarke's One on One video series, this video exchange between the pair explores topics concerning sibling love, decaying family relationships, and a shared interest in professional football....


Mike Kuchar, Blue Nights, Foggy Days

A hot wind licks his face. His blood burns hot; it can bake bread, heat a house, warm a bed.


Mike Kuchar, The Season of Shadows and Flames

In the depths of night lurks a beautiful fever that heats a man's blood.


Hermine Freed + 5 others
2018 | 1:12:24
Arbitrary Fragments, Barbara Aronofsky Latham

The emergence of video art tools in the late 1960s and early 1970s paved the way for an extraordinary number of outstanding art works by women. Captivated by the relative accessibility, portability and immediacy of Sony’s Video Portapak recording...


Mike Kuchar, Book of the Angel

He was 'lost' and got 'dirty' in the alleys of the city!


Mike Kuchar
2018 | 09:00
Mike Kuchar, Indigo Moods

Unlike Adam in the Garden of Eden, he cannot forget, or forgive the ache in his side where someone was taken, which should have been his.


Susan Mogul
2018 | 25:00
Susan Mogul "Mom's Move"

Part bio, part memoir, Mom’s Move is an intergenerational film about mothers and daughters, women and photography, remembering and forgetting, and the tension between women’s private and public selves.

Rhoda Mogul, housewife and...


Eight Dialogues

A documentary presenting an overview of Eduardo Kac's trajectory, including interviews with the artist and with art critics Annick Bureaud, Christiane Paul, and Arlindo Machado.


Eduardo Kac
1991 | 11:04
Eduardo Kac "Holopoetry"

Fifteen holopoems compiled under the collective title Holopoetry.

Holo/Olho (1983); Wordsl (1986); Quando? (1987); Lilith (1987-89); Albeit (1989); Phoenix (1989); ...