Ephraim Asili
2010 | 15:00
Ephraim Asili "Forged Ways"

The Diaspora Suite

Filmed on location in Harlem (NY) and Ethiopia, Forged Ways oscillates between the first person account of a filmmaker, a man navigating the streets of Harlem, and the day to day life...


Ephraim Asili
2016 | 12:00
Ephraim Asili "Kindah"

The Diaspora Suite


Steve Reinke + 5 others
2017 | 1:14:55

VDB TV: Decades, The 2000s

An original program for VDB TV: Decades curated by Aily Nash.


Lanesville TV: January 26th, 1973

On January 26, 1973, the Videofreex’s installment of Lanesville TV (Channel 3) consists of an interview with a follower of the Divine Light Mission, a semi-religious organization lead at the time by then-17-year-old Guru Maharaj Ji.


Musica Electronica Viva at Baggie's

Musica Electronica Viva at Baggie’s is a quintessential Videofreex work in its documentation style and explicit discussion of the Videofreex project. The video is a live recording of an experimental music performance, Musica Electronica...


St. Marks: New Years Eve

St. Marks: New Years Eve combines political commentary with non-narrative segments that celebrate the medium of video. The video’s tonal climax occurs at its beginning, in which a large crowd gathers at a live music event and stands to...


Electric Yogurt

Electric Yogurt documents different modes of childlike play, beginning with footage of a group of people dancing together with arms outstretched against a background of growling, cooing, and coughing. As the dancing continues, the...


Hells Angels Party

In a conversation with one of the Hells Angels at a party the motorcycle gang has thrown in Manhattan, the interviewee introduces “Kenny, from the Videofreex” to his friends, commenting (presumably explaining the Videofreex project): “like low...


Liquid Image

September 24th, 2016, North Avenue Beach, Chicago. It was a sunny day. According to the weather report, the temperature was 75°F, with the barometer reading of 30 inches height and the wind speed of 13 miles per hour. The time was 2:27 pm, I was...