Filipa César
2012 | 10:08
Filipa César, Cacheu

Cacheu is a 10-minute shot of a lecture, performed by Joana Barrios, revolving around four colonial statues, which are stored today at the Fortress of Cacheu, one of the first bastions constructed by the Portuguese in 1588 in order to...


Filipa César
2014 | 33:48
Filipa César, Mined Soil

The film-essay Mined Soil revisits the work of the Guinean agronomist Amílcar Cabral, who studied soil erosion in the Alentejo region of Portugal through the lens of his political engagement as a leader of the African Liberation Movement...


Mike Kuchar
2018 | 09:00
Mike Kuchar; Street Meat

When the body's 'primal' urges feel deprived in a 'modern' age, a debate about 'sex' and 'love' ensues to resolve the question — perhaps even find some solution that will suffice! 


Mike Kuchar; Surfing The Streams Of consciousness

A poet is troubled, the words in his poems seem futile and uninspired... must he always wrestle with the wind and loose the key that unlocks dreams?


Mike Kuchar; Unfinished Paradise

A man alone inside his body waits for dawn to rescue him from moods and situations that dampen the spirit and corrode the soul!


Nadav Assor
2015 | 1:16:00
Nadav Assor, Strip / Musrara

Strip / Musrara is part of Assor's ongoing “Strip” series, set in Jerusalem’s Musrara neighborhood. It is an attempt to create a living map that is both collective and subjective – a plurality of combined perspectives. Not a map of the exact...


The Seven Wonders of the World, Donnigan Cumming

A compilation of too-close observation, animation, and stolen momenets, The Seven Wonders of the World adds an eighth: survival at the edge of the known universe - bare-plus life. 



Richard Fung
2018 | 40:19
Richard Fung, Nang by Nang

Nang has lived outside the box. Born in a Trinidadian village in 1934, she grew up poor, illegitimate, mixed-race and female, but she survived by defying convention. She left the first of five husbands ...


Liz/James/Stillholes (2005/2017), Liz Rosenfeld

An exploration of cruising glory holes, feminism, and general queer frustration.