SAIC faculty orders

The Video Data Bank is not only a leading international distribution service, we are also an excellent resource for faculty at the School of the Art Institute. Most titles in distribution are available for SAIC classroom use or for viewing in the VDB Screening Room.

Below are the guidelines for faculty checkout. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions here.

Faculty DVD, Blu-Ray, and VHS Check-out Policy and Procedure:

- If you have never used our online checkout system, please contact VDB distribution to authenticate your SAIC Faculty User account. Please send us the following information:

• Name
• Department / Course
• Email
• Telephone

- VDB distribution will reply with a user name and password which you can use to place classroom orders through our website.

- Please note only current faculty of the school can order items for check out. Orders may picked up by your current T.A. for classroom use.

- When placing your online orders, please select only Single Screening Rental License options. Be sure to let us know the classroom screening date at checkout.  Select In-Store pick up as your shipping option.

- We require at least FIVE BUSINESS DAYS for faculty requests. This is so we have time to make copies of the titles, if necessary. There are no exceptions to this rule, so please plan your courses and reserve your tapes and DVDs in advance.

- The maximum number of titles faculty can reserve at one time is six.

- Video Data Bank titles can be checked out only for classes composed of SAIC students and screened in classes held on the SAIC campus.

- Prompt return of the titles is required. DVDS ARE DUE BACK ON THE SAME DAY THEY ARE CHECKED-OUT. (DVDs used for night classes after VDB hours can be returned through the drop slot on the VDB door). Faculty members' VDB privileges will be frozen if DVDs have not been returned on the same day as checkout.

- Students do not have check-out privileges at the Video Data Bank. You may place titles on hold for students and assign them to schedule a viewing appointment in our Screening Room.