The American Tapes: Part Four

2013 | 00:58:58 | Mexico / United States | English / Spanish | B&W and Color | Stereo | 16:9 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Documentary, Family, Latino/Chicano

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Cande and Pancha’s daughter Maria Luisa and Marisela and Cachuchas’ daughter Veronica believe their fathers are locked in a competition for grandchildren. It’s now 3-0 Cande. Several years later, Cachuchas gives me a lesson in car repair then with Cande considers the change in score, 4-2 Cande.

Cande worries about his tense job as a crew chief, maintaining soldiers’ homes at a Marine base, Camp Pendleton. While he is on vacation in Mexico his daughter gets married and he reflects there on his dream of returning to his hometown to farm his family’s fields. After their return, the rental house Pancha and Cande share with his daughter, her husband, and their children is threaten with a break-up. In the end they all buy a new house and Cande finds a new job, still dreaming of farming in Mexico. -Louis Hock

This title is part four of the four part series The American Tapes: Tales of Immigration.