Suicide Box

1996 | 00:13:00 | United States | English | Color | Mono | 4:3 | Video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Death and Dying, Future, Surveillance

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A documentary video about the B.I.T. Suicide Box — a motion-triggered camera developed by the Bureau of Inverse Technology (a private information agency), and installed within range of the Golden Gate Bridge to capture a video record of anything that falls from the bridge, and provide an accurate measure of the suicide rate. The piece points to confusing roles for technology within contemporary culture.

— Whitney Biennial (New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 1996)

Spanish subtitled version also available.

This title is also available on The New McLennium.

Exhibitions + Festivals


London Film Festival (England), 1997

London Film Festival (England), 1998


Internationale Kurtzfilmtage Oberhausen (Germany), 1999