George Kuchar


George Kuchar experimented with in-camera editing effects more and more in his later career, and Snapshots is no exception. Using a dizzying array of solarizations, wipes and checker board fadeouts, Kuchar creates an unstable visual space that is at once both comedic and hallucinatory. Shifting from person to person and location to location, Snapshots concludes with footage of an equally absurdist Dali-esque photo shoot.


In The Sodomites of Shalimar, George Kuchar crafts a dizzying psychotronic drama of stilted romance and frustrated ambition replete with carnies, car crashes and calamitous volcano eruptions. Sodomites tells the tale of Amy, a young woman living in the Missouri Ozarks whose calm collected demeanor betrays the passion that rages within her, and her odyssey in search of fame, fortune and excitement following the death of her boyfriend Chester.


At the 'Institute for Metaphysical Research and Spiritual Wellness', crackpots, perverts and guitar strumming UFO abductees struggle with the supernatural and their own carnal needs.

-- Mike Kuchar

Video Alumni Report #2

In the second installment of George Kuchar’s Alumni Series, he begins with news coverage of the mudslides the month before that had resulted from the flooding documented in his Alumni Series #1. Kuchar next cleans his house in anticipation of a visit from his friend Leslie, but as he mentions not having toilet paper, the threat of mudslides continues to linger. After simulating his guest sloppily using the restroom with the aid of two balloons and some questionable unknown liquid, the two happily lounge around Kuchar’s apartment while discussing cats.

Xmas 1986

In Xmas 1986, George Kuchar’s mother Stella has come to stay with him for the holidays. After a series of dinners with friends, Stella’s repeated discussions about her shingles and Kuchar’s ominous film-noirish narration, Kuchar rescues the morale of a dinner party gone bad thanks to an undercooked ham by presenting his hosts with a very memorable holiday gift.

– Kyle Riley