Paweł Wojtasik, Nine Gates

Wojtasik's Nine Gates explores the possibility of transcendence through sexual passion: averting the gaze from the objectification of the other, the female body or the obscure enemy, to the vast and microscopic details of the body unknown to the viewer, becoming a meditation on love beyond definition.


“I fear nomads. I am afraid of them and afraid for them too.”

—Jane Bowles, “Camp Cataract” in My Sister’s Hand in Mine (New York: Ecco Press, 1978)


A boy endures sleepless nights of desire and obsession in this haunting visualization of erotic possession.


In this diptych, Yi-Ching Chen plays the lowest possible sound on her tuba and Magenheimer's own electronically synthesized voice sings a letter that Ada Byron, the world's first computer programmer, wrote to her mother. In the letter she describes what it felt like to discover the extraordinary power of her own vast intellect.

Text excerpted from a letter Ada Byron wrote to her mother.

Opal Essence

He sighs for strange and hidden cities whose walls are pink stone, inlaid with opals, ebony and silver, and for altars where the body is worshiped under the shrine of night.

Pathways, Mike Kuchar

Part Two of Secret Spaces. A sensitive soul with skin receptive to the World's natural elements and who has a mind open for expansive contemplation, embarks on an 'inner journey' towar the New Age of awareness.

Perplexities, Mike Kuchar

...If a person can get "sick of living in the same old place," - then why not "sick of the same old skin" !?!  -- Mike Kuchar 

A Poem for Summer

Dark, domestic tensions need the cleansing rays of a bright summer afternoon.

Ephraim Asili "Points on a Space Age"

“A documentary about the Arkestra, but it's one whose presentation reflects the multilevel approach Sun Ra had to music and life in general. Jump cuts and split screens dot the visual stream with home movie footage from the Arkestra in Egypt during the 1970s to the Arkestra of today led by Marshall Allen. Director Ephraim Asili wisely divides the 40 minutes into distinct chapters, illustrating each with band interviews, live footage, visuals of planets and NASA launches, and his voice quoting writings from Ra.


On the horizon, beyond their reach lies the shores of Poetry, and beneath their feet the chaos of Hell!

"Kuchar’s RatNest was similarly at play, as the programme’s title captures, albeit in the more claustrophobic surrounds of the avant-garde poetry scene. Full of anachronistic video work (screen peels, neon frames) and stagily amateurish performances, RatNest is unabashedly fun and funny, a rare quality in experimental cinema..."

Sophie Mayer, Bodies and Film: Experimenta 2015 at the London Film Festival, www.bfi.org.uk


Nymphs and Satyrs are conjured back into activity when poetry is recited and fluffy clouds sail above the contemporary, domestic landscape.

Mike Kuchar, Saints and Sinners

...One does not tell the MUSE that INSPIRATION has been delivered to the wong address.

--Mike Kuchar

Peter Schjeldahl: An Interview

Peter Schjeldahl (b.1942) began writing his “poetical criticism” for Tom Hess at ArtNews in the mid 1960s. He has since written for both popular and specialized publications including The New York Times, Art in America, and The Village Voice, among others. In this interview from 1982, Schjeldahl discusses the critic’s relationship to the artist, the audience, artwork, and the professional community of art critics. He also reads some of his own poetry.Currently, Schjeldahl writes for The New Yorker and various art journals.

The Sea is History

The Sea is History, made in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is a free adaptation of the poem by Derek Walcott.

Secret Spaces, Mike Kuchar

Part One: Sunkissed — This outdoor meditation is drenched with sunlight, carressed by breezes and blessed with a young man who discovers his special 'role' in Time's dimention.

Part Two: Pathways — A sensitive soul with skin receptive to the World's natural elements and who has a mind open for expansive contemplation, embarks on an 'inner journey' towar the New Age of awareness.