Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar, Moods for Moderns

He came into the work world clad in skin, awash in all his yesterdays—now those shadows follow him!


Fur of the Field

The windy adventures of a dog in a sea of grass beneath blue skies.


Mike Kuchar
2016 | 19:00

A "painter" casts out the demons that haunt his canvases and who creep into his bed at night.


Mike Kuchar
2016 | 10:00
Sleep Walkers

A young man thinking about demonic angels and angelic demons amid night's whispering stillness while the shadows form ladders he'll try to climb.


The Poet's Battle, Mike Kuchar

A poet teases God with written prayers, his heart dropping red petals onto the pages of life.



Ruffled Spirits

"He had let no appetite in him go hungry, no temptation pass him by, which led to sordid alleys where he became more an 'animal', than a spiritual 'man'."

– Mike Kuchar


Museum of Damaged Art

"...His love of Heaven's virtues could not prevent a hunger for God's enticing creatures."

— Mike Kuchar


Age of Anxiety

"...Roy has set in and spread across the fabric of their lives."

— Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar
2015 | 10:00
Moon Tide

"...He's locking his door against the dark... against the power of the moon!"

— Mike Kuchar