Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Priority Adjustments

A woman confronts symbols of eternity while walking alone in the woods.


Purgatory Junction

A vain, self centered mother competes with her daughter in the world of carnivorous men and sleazy movies.


George Kuchar
2006 | 38:50
Queen Conga

This black and white drama of romance, adventure and outer space intervention was mounted at the San Francisco Art Institute. The plot concerns two groups of missionaries who depart for a tropical island inhabited by a population of attractive...


Rainy Season

Thanksgiving in California is the setting in which the viewer experiences "the depression inherent to festive occasions. There were many things bothering me at this time, or maybe it was one thing that broke into many pieces.

This title...


Rancho Roulette

A massive video drama made with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute that chronicles a man and wife parting ways amid the clatter of dice in a gambling resort on a painted desert of painted women and panting men. A large cast of...


The Redhead from Riverside Terrace

An urban and suburban blend of nerd, nebbish and nympho, united in the urge to create a cosmetic cosmology.


Return to the House of Pain

Return to the House of Pain documents my walking through the turf and sludge of the Big Apple and many worm holes... I chomp my way back west and gnaw on all that sinks stomachward and beyond in vertiginous aching.


Rocky Interlude

A trip to a barren landscape of jagged peaks and deep crevasses becomes a playground for an over-dressed hiker and his beefcake buddy as they secrete and imbibe fluids from various containers.

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Mike Kuchar
2004 | 18:00

Nymphs and Satyrs are conjured back into activity when poetry is recited and fluffy clouds sail above the contemporary, domestic landscape.