Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Society Slut

The story of a matron and a midget in the heat of an unbridled passion. The colors run thick and heavy for paint and prurient pleasures as the electronic canvas unscrolls to reveal a bevy of beasties and beauties of nature and the unnatural. A...


George Kuchar
2009 | 03:30

Solstice is a music video illustrating the feelings inspired by this holiday song written by a young man I met in Atlanta, Georgia, Andy Ditzler. My students and I, at the San Francisco Art Institute, concocted the visuals to accompany...


Song of the Seven Senses

The Vagabond...what does he seek? - ask the River, ask the Wind - but don't ask Him!


Song of the Whoopee Wind

A California Christmas season ushers in an array of holiday visuals designed to feed the hunger of soiled souls in search of truffle filled delights. A glittering seaport of electric lights helps the viewer to see through the murk of isolation as...


Spawn of the Pagan

The voice of Mr. V. Vale resonates over the hundreds of books and record albums that line the walls of his apartment in the North Beach section of San Francisco—an apartment that he shares with his body- and soul-mate, Ms. Marian Wallace....


Spectral Delivery

A volume of illustrated horrors arrives to stimulate the chatter of those who behold its weighty extravagance. The locales shift from plate to plate as nutritious foods for thought telegraph their nifty nutrients to the very core of our...


Mike Kuchar
2007 | 12:00
State of Mind

Two city dwellers in a relationship grown "tired," are near a deep forest where one hears the lure of Pan's Pipe calling.


Statue in the Park

Two strippers decide a walk in the park might lift their spirits, which do get a big boost when they contemplate a park monument dedicated to sailors in this audacious, "beefy" romp.


The Stench of Satan

An All-American boy and girl are swept into an international intrigue of demonic content as items cursed with the stench of Satan make their way to a museum dedicated to the spiritual overthrow of family values. Loaded with romance, thrills, and...