Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Stolen Sweets and Tattle Tales

Two men and two women attempt to re-assemble the scattered pieces of life's puzzle.


George Kuchar
2004 | 15:00
Storm Surge

A sculptor dabbles in the wetness of his craft while the skies threaten a soaking to the winterized wonderland of a western shoreline.

Words of wisdom issue from the mind of a maligned artist as his calendar of kitsch and comfort flap...


Story of Ruthy

Made with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute, this video drama explores the thrills and terrors of the Big Top as a travelling circus comes to town bringing with it the promise of cotton candy, eternal youth, and high-flying beefcake...


The Stranger in Apartment 9F

Looking for "Mr. Right" in all the wrong places makes for a tragic comedy.


George Kuchar
1985 | 22:15
Studio 8

The place where my students and I confront each other and glimpse into a world infiltrated by beloved infidels.


Suji's House of Shame

Male escorts and crytozoologists battle behemoths and bulemics in this student-teacher collaboration about undying evil and those that escape it via the LOVE CANAL.


Summer Sketch Marks

The sun pretty much shines throughout this romp back East as waves crash against a land of plenty while the residents bathe in its nutritional offshoots. The artist Mimi Gross is seen sketching away while pets are pampered and the hefty get even...


Sunbelt Serenade, Part 1: Oklahoma

The rivers are in flood stage during a scenic tour of Tulsa; while in El Reno, Oklahoma, it's as dry as a two-week old peach cobbler. The locals puff up on breaded catfish while an influx of British visitors seek in vain a vegetarian platter amid...


Sunbelt Serenade, Part 2: Los Angeles

Flies buzz among the congestion of combustible contraptions as Western civilization gasps for air amid Oriental orifices that emit the stench of sugar and spice and everything nice.