Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Sunbelt Serenade, Part 3: Arizona

The rocks are red, the mood is blue, the sky is big, and the scars on the earth run deep as a man and woman shop incessantly for nature's bounty and the trinkets of a vanishing culture. 


George Kuchar
2004 | 09:16

Clouds abound in this short meditation on vaporous masses that flow across the borders of our windowpanes, leaving in their wake the wreckage of discarded diets and sugar coated emptiness. Into those holes that surround us with the sweetness of...


Mike Kuchar
2009 | 10:00
Swan Song

A pair of de-iced dove wings are on the floor next to his bed, states the poet who is deeply in love, and falling deeper, in this pictoral poem.


Mike Kuchar
2006 | 09:20
Sweet Dreams

Childhood dolls and adult toys populate this moody yet picturesque lullaby.


George Kuchar
2004 | 16:00
Swoon Lake

A leisurely meditation on East West interactions involving accidental Occidental mishaps and Oriental dental ingenuity. Throw in some parakeets and a squeamish socialite, mix with a dash of depression and then stir thoroughly with a dollop of...


Tales of the Twilight Typist

The summer comes to an end as the viewer tours the loft and art, the lofty art of Mimi Gross, the swinging dummies of Doug Skinner, and the mysterious real estate of famed author, Whitley Streiber. Hear his story of terror and beauty under the...


Tarnished Utopia

He whispered his passion into the heart of a fading blossom in a dream realm of dwarfs and dragons.


Tempest in a Tea Pot

The artist Bruce Conner is featured in this videotape which bounces east and west, depicting the fragility of holistic hooligans in a world of hit-and-run encounters, Prozac, and pizzas. A meditation on faulty plumbing and paradise lost... but...


Temple of Torment

There is so much to absorb: the wetness from the sky. The hooded figure in the box. A big plate of pasta, and that chair on wheels. Messages of moral guidance clash with actions that are on a collision course with dilapidation. And through it...