Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

George Kuchar
1993 | 05:28

Part of a trilogy of works known as the Video Wallpaper Series in which George tests out his new audio/video digital mixer and creates a range of impressions of people and places. "A collage of serpent-infested gruel from Haitian...


Mike Kuchar
2000 | 07:00

This breezy and flamboyant essay about an afternoon rendezvous is pure candy for the eyes.


George Kuchar
1996 | 07:02
Uncle Evil

The young and the innocent at the mercy of a palpable presence oozing menace and scarlet-stained goodness as a strawberry sundae melts under the glare of future hell-firestorms in search of kindling.

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George Kuchar
1995 | 23:14
The Unclean

A carload of trouble embarks on a journey few will survive in this horror tale of ancient evil permeating some acreage in upstate New York. Shot on location at Bard College, on the Hudson River, this student-acted drama reeks of spiritual...


The Unmentionables

Frisco anxiously awaits the pyrotechnic birth of a New Year while the remnants of holiday greenery still burn bright in all the right places. One of those places gives shelter to an Abyssinian animal of lethargic nature, while all about her the...


Urban Doodles

Cartoonist Ben Katchar is profiled in his old diamond district studio. A Big Apple pumpkin patch that's 100% kosher.


Urchins of Ungawa

In a garden of roses and memorabilia from darkest Africa, a man and woman ponder the joy of cooking and the companionship of cats. Goodies for the guts abound in this visual essay on feline friendship and far away places. An electronic voyage...


Vacant Viewables

A series of portraits either stroked on canvas or snapped on photo emulsions becomes the theme of this travelette as the viewer relives the visions that confronted me during a hop and skip excursion over state lines and bodily curvatures.


Vault of Vapors

One of my weather diary series out in Oklahoma. The tone is wistful, the surroundings wispy (with some puffs of pungency). The TV is on and the porcelain is smeared with some residue atrocity from a previous passion. But all is well as...