Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Weather Diary 4

Attempting to apologize for the lack of good weather in Weather Diary 3, George arrives in Milwaukee only to find the drought back in full swing. Since there’s not enough good weather, the tape becomes a social diary against the backdrop...


Weather Diary 5

A more socially-active addition to the Weather Diary series, we meet the natives and participate in the rituals of business and schooling and high hopes on the flatlands.


Weather Diary 6

Scenes from a vacation. Music comes on loud and clear and washes over a series of visual impressions of the land and the sky and the faulty plumbing that submerges porcelain bottoms in a sea of unmentionable froth.

This title is also...


Weather Watch

A window or two on the outside world is not enough, especially when you have such a lousy view of things as I had in this Oklahoma residential care home. The majesty of the console-model TV gave new dimension to the concept of time and space, and...


The Web of Dr. Satan

A non-stop, psychedelic action serial depicting the gnawing bitterness of a UFO debunker as he sinks in a sea of new age imagery and nubile neophytes.


George Kuchar
2006 | 50:00
Web of Vice

Shot with my students at the San Francisco Art Institute, this colorful drama with song and dance numbers (plus burlesque acts) follows the libidinous poisoning of Vatican personnel by an otherworldly intruder. The cast is mostly young and...


George Kuchar
1989 | 36:38
Wet Dreams

Two young women confront careers in a world of violence, lust, and show-business. This student/teacher co-production I made at the San Francisco Art Institute is a colorful collage of digital dementia.


Mike Kuchar
1997 | 14:00
A Widow's Web

A Mother and Daughter, both dressed in "shocking pink", clash over Men and Money in this schlock drama that has an ending guaranteed to "shock" even those without pink dresses!


Wind in My Sails

Like ships in a harbor, men come and go in relationships. But, as one character says to another character who is heartbroken: "You sucked enough juice out of him... don't be greedy!"