Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Baldies of Burgermeister Bungalow

A Fourth of July celebration ignites the Id and unleashes a digital demon hungry for imagery of the young and the restless to appease the contraption it sees through: the cannibal camcorder in a state of carniverous conniptions!


Bargain Basement Bumpkin

The five-and-dime store pulsates with the stench of she-who-shops. Follow this ragdoll apparition as she haunts the futuristic landscape of our buried past and rejoice in the resurrection of the cellar celebrity.


Bay City Detours

The city of San Francisco is awash with talent and some fine eating places too. In this seaport escapade the viewer is detoured by the smell of lamb chops and the sound of loose tongues vibrating with vitality. The heart and guts of the city...


Bayou of the Blue Behemoth

The waters run deep as massive jaws chomp and bubbles burst in a world gone mad with technological delusion and prehistoric puppetry.


Beastial Comforts

I’m not the only one eating my way through this sunny travelette as several other species dig into the goodies too. As a remembrance to a dog named Clara who passed away one day after the final shot of her in this portrait, the video none-...


Mike Kuchar
2009 | 19:19

Once upon a time in the shelled carcass of a man, the Phoenix will rise and fall... and RISE and FALL!


Big Ones Hurt

The unstable earth becomes the epicenter of this videotape document which explores—in a fractured way—the relationships between the people, places, and furniture that sit atop the San Andreas Fault.


There is more than one way to get 'lost' in the woods.


A Dream of Roses

A House Wife's hum-drum world dissolves away into a thorny Passion Play of miraculous visions.