Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar, The Spider's Parlor

...As the Moth is lured to the candle's flame, so it is that a group of misfits enter a dark house to converse with shadows amid the dust of Time.

—Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar
2014 | 08:00
Mike Kuchar, Lost Blues

"Devils"..."Angels," when they sleep they dream not of Heaven, but of us.

—Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar, Soul Searcher

...What once was for him "real," is now but a "dream," --for the day comes when we find ourselves stranded with memories.

—Mike Kuchar 


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 26:44
Mike Kuchar, Devil's Den

A club for misfits who descend into a psychedelic underworld.  Made at the San Francisco Art Institute.

—Mike Kuchar


George Kuchar
2009 | 04:14
Acid Redux

George Kuchar’s Acid Redux is a raucous journey into the murky domains of mysticism and liminality. Featuring zombie seductresses, erotic interspecies adventures and an animatronic chimpanzee, Acid Redux creates a strange and uncanny...


George Kuchar
2009 | 07:00

In Nibbles, George Kuchar crafts a mini-travelette documenting his adventures around Cape Cod. Shot primarily in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Kuchar visits friends and takes every opportunity to sample the local cuisine. After a power...


In The Sodomites of Shalimar, George Kuchar crafts a dizzying psychotronic drama of stilted romance and frustrated ambition replete with carnies, car crashes and calamitous volcano eruptions. Sodomites tells the tale of Amy, a young...


The Gift of Gab

The Gift of Gab presents the sobering tale of life and death, love and loss, all told through a series of simple everyday exchanges. As a father plays with his son, a family sits down to dinner and a mother breastfeeds by the fire,...


Jane and Mike Visit

In Jane and Mike Visit, George Kuchar documents a visit from his brother Mike and their friend and former Kuchar actress Jane Elford. Having appeared in several Kuchar films (perhaps most notably being George’s Pagan Rhapsody...