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Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Rotten Apples

In Rotten Apples, George Kuchar explores the themes of life, lust, decay and death, all through the act of grinding apples for cider. As Kuchar walks around an orchard with his friends in an attempt to enjoy the natural beauty of their...


George Kuchar
1986 | 36:31
Xmas 1986

In Xmas 1986, George Kuchar’s mother Stella has come to stay with him for the holidays. After a series of dinners with friends, Stella’s repeated discussions about her shingles and Kuchar’s ominous film-noirish narration, Kuchar rescues...


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 10:00
Mike Kuchar, Fallen Angels

...They'd rather climb to the stars, than give their souls to a soulless world.


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 12:09
Mike Kuchar, Nightfall

...Night is upon them and God was asleep.


Mike Kuchar, The Dragon's Son

...Somewhere inside him something slumbers; the myths, the beliefs that flow, fuse and burn through him.


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 11:40
Mike Kuchar, SoulMates

...They had their source in tangled vegetable matter, countless rapes and invasions and enjoy good wine with the girls.


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 07:57
Mike Kuchar, Ascension

Amid the silence of a pastel hued room, a soul, fully-fleshed, gathers secrets whispered by the moon over his cool bedsheets.


Mike Kuchar, Happy Birthday!

'Misery' doesn't like 'company' -- but 'company' does love a 'party', so come join in on a catastrophic celebration, and do 'hang on' tight -- because it's a steep ride down into the depths of a soul in meltdown mode!


Mike Kuchar, Primordial Never Land

A bathtub full of floating lillies and a prophetic mirror are the gateway for a poet's abstract thoughts.