Kuchar Archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Mike Kuchar
2013 | 12:09
Mike Kuchar, Nightfall

...Night is upon them and God was asleep.


Mike Kuchar, The Dragon's Son

...Somewhere inside him something slumbers; the myths, the beliefs that flow, fuse and burn through him.


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 11:40
Mike Kuchar, SoulMates

...They had their source in tangled vegetable matter, countless rapes and invasions and enjoy good wine with the girls.


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 07:57
Mike Kuchar, Ascension

Amid the silence of a pastel hued room, a soul, fully-fleshed, gathers secrets whispered by the moon over his cool bedsheets.


Mike Kuchar, Happy Birthday!

'Misery' doesn't like 'company' -- but 'company' does love a 'party', so come join in on a catastrophic celebration, and do 'hang on' tight -- because it's a steep ride down into the depths of a soul in meltdown mode!


Mike Kuchar, Primordial Never Land

A bathtub full of floating lillies and a prophetic mirror are the gateway for a poet's abstract thoughts.


Mike Kuchar
2013 | 12:36
Mike Kuchar, Testimony

....Everything changes;...child, animal, flower and stone

    ....changing together, dancing alone

          ....Different Tempos

    - All to ONE...


Mike Kuchar
2012 | 10:00
Mike Kuchar, Testament

He imagined he was her first love 
...Held her perfectly balanced on his manhood
- The salty, fevered sweat of her flesh burnt him
- Yet he has no will to flee.


Mike Kuchar
2012 | 42:10
Mike Kuchar, Disordered

A cavalcade of characters in conflict with consciousness is conjured up within the confines of Studio 8 at the San Francisco Art Institute and digitized for analysis.