New Releases

New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.
under a malicious sky, Hans Breder

“Breder’s quest for a visual text that is at once a personal reflection and cultural criticism.” - John Hanhardt, 1989



Forever pulsing, a severed hand bobs along a shoreline in this meditation on the atrocities of the early 1990s Rwandan civil war. The all-caps title says it all, loudly and poetically.


Hans Breder
2015 | 44:00
Salomé, Hans Breder

Proposal for sidewalk projection in NYC using 7+7. Performed by Heidi Wiren Bartlett.


Hans Breder
1980 | 05:00
Stavros, Hans Breder

Stavros Deligiorges watches a constantly changing mirror image and narrates his experience. His unscripted narration references “the seam” and the intercultural significance of symmetry.


tel-uh-vizh-uh-n, Hans Breder

The Drill translated through digital filtering.


Hans Breder
1994 | 18:00
janus-faced, Hans Breder

Two horses. Two men. Two cameras. A wintry horse ride with Dutch artist Harry Heyink through Iowa is split in two.


Hans Breder
2015 | 19:00
jen-uh-sahyd, Hans Breder

A Nazi battalion marches in red in front of the ominous floating hand from THE AX HAS FLOWERED. This meditative treatment on genocide...


Hans Breder
2016 | 41:00
Lux Aeterna, Hans Breder

At Breder's direction in the studio, the performer releases a body of light that casts a transient shadow. Following the tantric chakra stations, a match is lifted from root to crown. Instead of a perfect mirror, Breder filmed the reflection in a...


My TV Dictionary: The Drill, Hans Breder

My TV Dictionary: The Drill is one of several video works Breder created by re-editing recorded footage from cable television movies. This video conveys the violent and sexist subtext of the 24/7 stream of cable television “and thus...