New Releases

New Releases consists of the latest acquisitions to the VDB collections, be they contemporary works by artists, titles that are newly-preserved or edited that are now being made available to audiences, or recently released DVD Box Sets or compilations.
John Smith
2020 | 22:16
Covid Messages, John Smith

Covid Messages is a video in six parts, based around broadcasts of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s COVID-19 press conferences. The work focuses on the British government’s attempts to eliminate the virus through the use of magic spells...


John Smith
2020 | 16:05
Citadel, John Smith

Filmed from the artist’s window during lockdown, Citadel combines short fragments from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speeches relating to coronavirus with views of the London skyline recorded in a variety of weather conditions....


Shelly Silver
2020 | 1:11:20
Girls | Museum, Shelly Silver

We are born into an already-constructed world. We each enter with new eyes into a culture that has already been shaped and structured based on the desires and power of others. Historical art museums are charged with preserving and interpreting...


Passing Through, Linda Montano

A call and response to impermanence.


Akram Zaatari
2019 | 1:03:00
The Landing, Akram Zaatari

Whether they inhabit the desert or are lost in it, three men are clearly confronted by the ruins of modern times. They are explorers or players or performers of times past. Their encounters, their moves, their assessment of location, take the...


On Photography Dispossession and Times of Struggle, Akram Zaatari

Taking the idea of loss and dispossession as a starting point, this second reflection on photography and its people looks at the individual’s position within the context of war and how photographs become the sole record of that displacement, at...


Akram Zaatari
2018 | 06:30
The Script, Akram Zaatari

A man prays in the Muslim tradition while his children try to distract him by climbing on his back. This is a recurring scenario that many try to film at home and upload on YouTube. This film reenacts the script to show the a tenderly side of a...


Moving or Being Moved, Sabine Gruffat

The everyday performance of domestic labor is teleported into a surreal game world where an emotionally responsive AI chatbot provides no answers.

In this world, motion capture technology translates movement into data that can be unbound...


Once Upon a Screen: Explosive Paradox, Kevin B. Lee

A childhood experience is projected on a shadowy wall of a former movie theatre. A racist cinematic trauma passed between friends and family is remembered among the rustling of leaves and reflections of trees on an iPad screen. An essay about how...