Single Artist Compilations

Single Artist Compilations are surveys of an artists moving image work.
Hester Scheurwater Videoworks: Volume 1

These five short videos examine the relationship between the female body and the camera’s gaze.

“In Scheurwater’s universe, there is hardly any room left for human warmth. The only living being that evokes a sense of pity is a dog. And...


Ximena Cuevas: El Mundo del Silencio (The Silent World)

Cuevas is obsessed with the micro movements of daily life, with the border between truth and fiction, with the "impossibility" of reality. Her work relentlessly seeks out the layers of lies covering the everyday representations of reality and...


Donigan Cumming Videoworks: Volume 1

Utilizing a mix of documentary and improvisational styles, the portraits featured in these three videos highlight the often forgotten, the marginal, those on the edge of society. The portraits are equally grotesque, comic and tender, and Cumming’...


Donigan Cumming Videoworks: Volume 2

In these two videos, Cumming investigates the worlds of a pair of abject heroes, Colin and Pierre, one a recovering alcoholic, the other an addict. One talks angrily about his former addiction and of the sacrifices he made for the “romance” of a...


Donigan Cumming Videoworks: Volume 3

Three short pieces highlighting how difficult it is to create images that make sense in a world where everything is flawed and everything has already been said.


Cumming, Donigan: Four Short Pieces

Four short pieces: three featuring anecdotes and conversations, the fourth an icy landscape.


Donigan Cumming: Controlled Disturbance

This three-DVD collection features 18 titles, 10 years of videography, and over six hours of material by Donigan Cumming.

"Cumming has said that it is his intention to question, "the myth of the innocent, invisible photographic witness."...


Elisabeth Subrin Videoworks

Video Data Bank is proud to present a compilation of celebrated titles by the artist Elisabeth Subrin, featuring four award-winning video works: Swallow (1995), Shulie (1997), The Fancy (2000), and Well, Well, Well...