Single Artist Compilations

Single Artist Compilations are surveys of an artists moving image work.
Bob Snyder: Sound and Video 1975-1990

A compilation of works by Bob Snyder, remarkable for their formal elegance, conceptual scope and sensual lusciousness.


Animal Charm Videoworks: Volume 1

This compilation is a fresh, witty, and compelling addition to video’s rich legacy of media deconstruction. Through appropriation and reassemblage, these intriguing works upset the hypnotic spectacle of TV viewing by displacing its logic and...


Cecelia Condit Videoworks: Volume 1

Though the use of fairytales and dark fantasies, these works combine the commonplace with the macabre to construct a new world of the subconscious.


Paul Chan
2009 | 1:51:30
Tin Drum Trilogy

Paul Chan's Tin Drum Trilogy includes the highly acclaimed single channel videos RE:_THE OPERATION (2002, 27:30, U.S., color, sound), BAGHDAD IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (2003, 51:00, U.S., color, sound), and Now promise...