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Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Midnight Carnival

Revelers at a masquerade ball enter an UnderWorld of guilt, vice, pain, chaos and redemption.

-- Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar
2011 | 04:06
High Rising

Rock and ice soar among the clouds.

-- Mike Kuchar


Jungle Thrills

"Nature on a rampage in a land gone mad!!", quotes this fake promo.

-- Mike Kuchar


Splatter Movie

Sex, sleaze, drugs, blood, and much, much more!

-- Mike Kuchar


Free Form Frolic

A topsy-turvy romp.

-- Mike Kuchar


Midnight Suite

Run, unholy woman; your passions deceive you!

-- Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar
2011 | 06:00
Stone Boy, The

He hears the whispers of gargoyles in a hall of heavy stone.

-- Mike Kuchar


George Kuchar
2011 | 25:55

This final weather diary travels through some rough inner and outer domains.  Social interactions blend more smoothly than the clash of air masses which threaten to clobber a prairie town in a vortex of violence.

Flashbacks and...


Butchered Beefcake, The

This video diary visits two sites that exhibited my visual works this past year, culminating at the VOLTA ART SHOW in N.Y.C., where I sold some paintings and a photograph.

The underling theme of the diary deals with some bloating, scarring...