kuchar archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Tempest in a Tea Pot

The artist Bruce Conner is featured in this videotape which bounces east and west, depicting the fragility of holistic hooligans in a world of hit-and-run encounters, Prozac, and pizzas. A meditation on faulty plumbing and paradise lost... but...


Temple of Torment

There is so much to absorb: the wetness from the sky. The hooded figure in the box. A big plate of pasta, and that chair on wheels. Messages of moral guidance clash with actions that are on a collision course with dilapidation. And through it...


George Kuchar, Terror By Twilight

George is in Tampa, Florida to do a one-day video workshop, so they make a fast-moving trailer for a non-existent UFO abduction movie.


Thespian Tendencies

A tour of acting gigs that come my way and the people behind the cameras that aim at my expanding torso. A bloated ham in action on the West Coast and the thespians that rub shoulders with his hind quarters. Shot in San Francisco and Hollywood,...


Mike Kuchar
2009 | 10:00
The Tiger

One's 'softest parts' are 'scooped out and eaten alive'.


George Kuchar
1999 | 45:00

A big splashy rendering of Hollywood in hot action. The babes, the boobs, the boo-boos and the inner triumphs all brought to the screen by the uncorked youth and uncouth old bats of the San Francisco Art Institute.


Tower of Terror

A brief glimpse into a "day at the office" in an edifice dedicated to personal expressions of the inner eye. I subjective view of twisted perspectives reflecting the morbid dreads of he who walks among the talented throng.


The Tower of the Astro-Cyclops

In Northern California, land of mystery, there stands an edifice of stone that probes the heavens above and the subterranean secrets below the threshold of credibility. Its occupant, Dr. Jacques Vallee, scientist and author, peers into the...


The Towering Icon

A chaotic assortment of artists tumbles forth in the first half of this video diary, and the pieces of flotsam and jetsam coalesce into the junk statuary of Jerry Barrish, sculptor. Then the piece drifts down to Baltimore where my brother, Mike,...