kuchar archive

Video Data Bank is proud to represent the extensive video catalogs of renowned moving image makers George and Mike Kuchar.

Vacant Viewables

A series of portraits either stroked on canvas or snapped on photo emulsions becomes the theme of this travelette as the viewer relives the visions that confronted me during a hop and skip excursion over state lines and bodily curvatures.


Vault of Vapors

One of my weather diary series out in Oklahoma. The tone is wistful, the surroundings wispy (with some puffs of pungency). The TV is on and the porcelain is smeared with some residue atrocity from a previous passion. But all is well as...


Vermin of the Vortex

Alienation in academia beneath the chandeliered opulence of a political correctional facility that caters to clashing cultures with chicken fajitas and carefully worded alphabet soup. Features George at the Flaherty Seminar and the Chicago...


The Vernal Zone

In this summerland a path opens for Poets, Artists, ...and the 'Dreamer'.


Video Album 1

A very chatty array of people along with still photos and a loose-tongued cab driver, make this a leisurely stroll through my social life of several years ago.


Video Album 2

The viewer meets a grab-bag of gabby folks from here and abroad as I drop by to see them or they come to my apartment for tea and sympathy. You also get to visit endangered film showcases and see people who are now either deceased or divorced.


Video Album 3

Curt McDowell, the director, on his feet and weaving in and out of this televised tapestry with gracious grossness and Hoosier-based hospitality.



Video Album 5: The Thursday People

The comings and goings of the late underground filmmaker, Curt McDowell—and the people and activities that came and went along with him—are the themes that run through this existential diary of daily life. McDowell was dying from AIDS-related...


Video Wallpaper Series

In this series I composed a series of portraits on my audio/video digital mixer, ranging from impressions of places and people to renditions of feelings their work inspired, and domestic-type gossip from the kitchen and bedroom. The gallery of...