Jason Simon
1 DVD | 2007 | 1:03:00
Jason Simon: Three Videos
This special box set, Jason Simon: Three Videos, includes a booklet with an in depth essay by media scholar Cynthia Chris. "More than any other media artist, Jason Simon explores the inner reaches of American consumer culture in ways that are useful...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: consumer culture, media analysis, performance, television

Miranda July Videoworks: Volume 1
Four short videos by artist Miranda July, covering the period 1996 to 2001.


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: family, home dvd, mental landscape, performance, sexuality, videoworks, youth/childhood

Tom Kalin
1 DVD | 2000 | 37:10
Third Known Nest by Tom Kalin
"Third Known Nest is a collection of nine short works completed approximately one per year from 1991 to 1999. Interwoven with nine quotations from some of my favorite writers, the eighteen short entries in Third Known Nest function as an intimate...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: lgbtq, literature, music

Kent Lambert Videoworks: Volume 1
VDB is proud to present Kent Lambert Videoworks: Volume 1. Lambert is a Chicago-based musician and media artist. His creative output primarily consists of vocal driven art-pop music and pop-inflected video art made from repurposed industrial...


Collection: New Releases, Single Artist Compilations, Compilations

Tags: culture jamming, humor, multimedia, technology, videoworks

Barbara Aronofsky...
1 DVD | 2001 | 1:05:00
Barbara Aronofsky Latham, Barbara Latham Videoworks: Volume 1
The five videos featured here investigate video as a tool for storytelling and the construction of alternate identities. Ultimately Latham concludes that video is an unsatisfactory and cumbersome tool useful only for the creation of dislocated...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations, Early Video Art

Tags: body, feminism, video history, videoworks

Dani Leventhal ReStack
1 DVD | 2012 | 1:10:00
Dani Leventhal Videoworks: Volume 1
The work of Dani Leventhal explores the complicated space that exists between decay and renewal, intimacy and disconnection and the sacred and mundane. The six pieces that comprise Dani Leventhal Videoworks: Volume 1 each examine these ambiguous...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations, Compilations

Tags: animals, body, death and dying, diary, expedition/travel, family, jewish, lgbtq, middle east, religion/spirituality, sexuality, youth/childhood

Les LeVeque Videoworks: Volume 3
In Les LeVeque Videoworks: Volume 3, Les LeVeque explores time and the way in which it can be manipulated to affect the communication of emotion. In the first video, pulse pharma phantasm, LeVeque collapses 9 different pharmaceutical commercials...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations, Compilations

Tags: consumer culture, film or videomaking, found footage, gender, hollywood, image processing, media analysis, politics, television, videoworks, war

Les LeVeque Videoworks: Volume 1
Les LeVeque’s early works, featured on this compilation, demonstrate his fascination with slowing things down in order to see them better. Found footage, often of key historical moments, are digitally re-edited, slowed down, or encoded into ASCII to...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: consumer culture, image processing, media analysis, videoworks

Les LeVeque Videoworks: Volume 2
Utilizing strategies of condensation and re-assemblage, these three pieces take Hollywood classics as their starting point. The re-editing process shifts and displaces old meanings until new ones are made.


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: found footage, image processing, videoworks