Reconstruction Trilogy:  Les LeVeque
Through the deployment of various structural strategies, the narrative logic of three problematic and influential films is transformed into a sensuous hallucinatory unveiling of repressed representations in historical dramas of the U.S.’s critical...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: film or videomaking, hollywood, image processing

Hermine Freed + 5 others
2018 | 1:12:24
Arbitrary Fragments, Barbara Aronofsky Latham
The emergence of video art tools in the late 1960s and early 1970s paved the way for an extraordinary number of outstanding art works by women. Captivated by the relative accessibility, portability and immediacy of Sony’s Video Portapak recording...


Collection: Curated Compilations, New Releases, Compilations

Tags: art history, autobiography, body, death and dying, feminism, gender, memory, performance, politics, sexuality

Chip Lord
1 DVD | 2000 | 59:39
Chip Lord Videoworks: Volume 1
A collection of the early video works by Chip Lord dealing with the deconstruction of television and the construction of identity.


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: television, videoworks

Chip Lord
1 DVD | 2000 | 44:30
Chip Lord Videoworks: Volume 2
Volume 2 combines two late-1990s works by Lord considering pre-millenial urban life—virtual and spatial.


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: architecture, future, videoworks

Anne McGuire
1 DVD | 1997 | 37:45
Anne McGuire Videoworks: Volume 1
A compilation of Anne McGuire's videoworks from 1991 - 1998.


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: performance, videoworks

Jesse McLean
1 DVD | 2012 | 23:30
Jesse McLean Videoworks: Volume 1
The three videos that comprise Jesse McLean Videoworks: Volume 1 (The Eternal Quarter Inch, Somewhere only we know and The Burning Blue) all concern various facets of our complicated emotional and psychological relationships to spectacle.


Collection: Single Artist Compilations, Compilations

Tags: found footage, media analysis, television, videoworks

Michael Robinson Videoworks: Volume 1
Michael Robinson's video artworks evade easy categorization — defying genre, the works create their own set of rules. Using found footage, on-screen text, and various video formats, Robinson sparks vibrating frequencies between seemingly disparate...


Collection: New Releases, Single Artist Compilations, Compilations

Tags: body, consumer culture, found footage, gender, lgbtq, memory, music, television, videoworks

In the four videos on this compilation, Helen Mirra utilizes performance, repetition, and the recitation of song to evoke the natural world, the sea, and landscape. Social conventions are questioned, along with our closest relationships and the...


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: chicago art, family, gender, performance, videoworks

Dana Levy
1 DVD | 2016 | 24:36
Dana Levy: Museum Intervention Works
“Levy's work is both ramified and momentous, addressing environments of many kinds, and filled with stories in which human behavior has played a decisive role.”  — Noam Gal, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem


Collection: Single Artist Compilations

Tags: architecture, art collectors, death and dying, environment, installation, nature