Strange Weather

1993 | 00:50:00 | United States | English | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | Pixelvision video

Collection: Single Titles

Tags: Holiday, LGBTQ, Pixelvision, Youth/Childhood

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A quartet of crack addicts, absorbed by their life of pure sensation, are holed up inside while the world outside is about to explode.

"Strange Weather is about a moment when the roar of the elements becomes an imperceptible din and all belief is suspended. Jan, a paranoid, upper-class pipedreamer; Centipede, a sexually tepid rockhound; and Patty, strung-out on fantasies of the good life, comprise a stuporous enclave, protecting themselves against elemental moral decay from without. But storm warnings on the tube augur a fearsome change. Shot in Pixelvision, Peggy Ahwesh’s tainted soap opera is by visual definition a small world. Minute details—a smoldering cigarette, the grout between tiles, particles of kitty litter—are rendered large but with anemic resolution as though the characters’ surroundings have prominence but no meaning. In Strange Weather, Florida is anything but a picture postcard."

—Steve Seid, Ex Post-Factory: After Warhol (Berkeley: Pacific Film Archive, 1994)

With Deirdre Lewis, Cheryl Dunye, Jennifer Kay Baker, and Franck Messin

This title is only available on Pistolary! Films and Videos by Peggy Ahwesh.