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2001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of

George Barber

2015 00:05:43 United KingdomEnglishColorStereo4:3Video


2001 Colours Andy Never Thought Of transforms Warhol’s infamous screen prints of Marilyn Monroe through a process of color manipulation. The viewer witnesses a flurry of changing tones, colors, and shades in a postmodern nod to the scratch genre that Barber came to define.

About George Barber


George Barber was born in Guyana in 1958. He studied at St Martins and Slade Schools of Art, London. He was a founding member of ZG Magazine and a leading figure in the Scratch Video phenomenon of the 1980s, which exploited newly available video-editing technologies and their potential for rhythmic-editing and moving-image collage. His current work is visually striking and sometimes disturbing, and often concerned with human behavior in unusual situations. He was once described by Art Monthly as, "The Henry Ford of independent video."