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Etant donne le bleu (Given the Blue)

Arghyro Paouri

1992 00:02:00 FranceNoneColorStereo4:3Video


Etant Donné le Bleu (Given the Blue) is a visual narrative—images breaking in a parallel universe, the realm of science fiction and the fantastic. The repetition, multiplication, and mechanization are intended to form a radically artificial world. They are not characters as such, with a past and a future; not beings that would bear names. This is not a space as such, not even a circus. The dubious figures playing the roles of witnesses are of only one color. The screen divides into two, three, and four independent compartments that enlarge, in turn, to expose, analyze, and multiply the drama that is played out over and over again, without end. Tragedy rather than drama, without psychological or sociological range; the irreversible fate of blue women, the chorus which accompanies the action—enormous or minute through technology. Dehumanized undoubtedly, but perhaps guarantors of the future image and reality of human presence. Technical realization: A physical model generates the animation of the aerial-trapeze and defines the movement of the character attached toit. The behavior of all characters has been adjusted with the key-framing technique. All software has been developed at MIRALab-University of Geneva.

The music is an original creation of Jean-Baptiste Barrière and Kaija Saariaho.

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Arghyro Paouri was born in Athens and has lived and worked in Paris since 1980. She currently works at the multimedia departement of INRIA, the French institute for research in computer science and control. She has taught at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts in Paris and she regularly conrtributes to seminars at the Fine Arts School of Athens.