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I Want Some Insecticide

Branda Miller

1986 00:04:00 United StatesEnglishColorStereo4:3Video


This musical short features dancing robots composited atop found footage, structurally mirroring the audio track by Fredrik Nilsen which in turn is composed of a driving drumbeat overlaid by found audio dialog.

About Branda Miller

Branda Miller is an artist, educator, and activist who has been working with independent media since the 1970s. Her experimentation with media arts is integrally linked with community organizing. In her collaborative work with groups around the country, Miller involves participants in varied aspects of production so they take control of their own representation.  The titles produced in her youth empowerment workshops focus on issues such as teenage pregnancy, dropping out, crime, prison, drugs, and AIDS, offering a realistic yet upbeat treatment of what growing up in America is like today.

Miller is currently a professor at Renselear Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.