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Much handled things are always soft

Derrick Woods-Morrow

2019 00:08:36 United StatesEnglishColorStereo16:9HD video


Commissioned by Visual AIDS for STILL BEGINNING: The 30th Annual Day With(out) Art 

“In Much Handled Things Are Always Soft, the personal, racial, and
systemic dynamics of cruising become visible: in 1970s Chicago,
civically engineered policies of segregation such as redlining caused
the neighborhoods of Black people to be cramped and densely
populated. In the video, artist and long-term HIV survivor Patric
McCoy describes how parks provided an outlet for men to come
together and find space for their desires beyond labels, identity, and
the confines of the compressed urban setting. ”
— A Doula's Guide to Watching Experimental Videos with Visual AIDS

About Derrick Woods-Morrow

Derrick Woods-Morrow's (b.1990) work is a meditation on deviation and disruption, on language and representation - the laborious & the playful. Currently based in Chicago, where he works as a sexual health advocate and activist, and originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, his artistic practice explores black sexual freedoms, the complicated histories concerning access to land and the navigation of the American terrain by black & queer peoples.

Woods-Morrow received his MFA in Photography from the School of Art Institute of Chicago in 2016, and was most recently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Photography and teaching artist at the University of Illinois Chicago. His work exhibited in collaboration with Paul Mpagi Sepuya in the 2019 Whitney Biennial; internationally in This is America | ART USA Today at Kunsthal KAdE (2020); Make America What America Must Become at the Contemporary Art Center in New Orleans (2020); in the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; in YNCI V: Detroit Art Week Expo; in Photography Now: THE SEARCHERS, curated by Maurice Berger and Marvin Heiferman at The Center for Photography at Woodstock; and Down Time: On the Art of Retreat at the Smart Museum Chicago.

In Winter of 2019, his second short film, 'much handled things are always soft' debuted in collaboration with the VISUAL AIDS 30th Annual Day With(out) ART programming at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Museum of Contemporary Art LA, The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, The Brooklyn Museum, The New Museum & over a hundred institutions worldwide. He is the 2021 Edith and Philip Leonian fellow at the Center of Photography Woodstock, Bemis Residency Recipient, and Antenna Works Fellow; with previous residencies at the Fire Island Artist Residency, Chicago Artists Coalition’s Bolt Residency, and is a recipient of the 2018 Artadia Award – Chicago.

Photograph courtesy of Robyn Whelan