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Alex Rivera

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A significant amount of the hand-drawn animation seen on television today is cartooned in sweatshop-like animation factories in Korea, China, and the Philippines. The writers and animators who form Animaquiladora sharpened their skills in one such factory located in Tijuana, Mexico. After years of animating logos for the American talk show Regis and Kathie Lee, Lalo Lopez and Alex Rivera escaped from the hellish sweatshop of Tijuana to seek better lives in Los Angeles and New York. The videos produced by Animaquiladora use a combination of the lastest in digital imaging technology and cutting edge Latino political satire.

About Alex Rivera

While attending Hampshire College, Alex Rivera’s interests turned to media and politics, particularly the politics of race in the “information age.” His work, which incorporates digital animation, addresses contemporary political concerns with guts, personality, and humor. In addition to video, Rivera works in the media of web sites, t-shirts, cable TV ads, and comics. Rivera currently lives in New York but connects with friends living across the globe.