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Deborah Stratman

2001 00:03:00 United StatesEnglishB&W and ColorStereo16mm film


A small portrait of the volatility of intimacy, and of breaking free from abusive cycles. Made in response to a year of collapsing relationships and violent accidents that left Stratman broken, dislocated, and stuck in her apartment.

About Deborah Stratman

Filmmaker Deborah Stratman works in a territory between experimental and documentary genres.  In her films and frequent work in other media, including drawing, sculpture, sound, photography and small press, she explores the history, uses, mythologies and control of highly varied landscapes, from Muslim Xinjiang China to suburban southern California. Her recent work addresses American constructs of Freedom, the junction between technology and faith and contemporary locations of the supernatural. Stratman teaches in the School of Art & Design at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Stratman was the subject of a mid-career retrospective,The Thing Unnamed, at MoMA New York in 2013.