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2x2, 1997

On the narrow stairway that exits Paul Kos’s Tunnel\Chapel, where his 27-channel Chartres Bleu installation is housed, Kos writes with both hands on opposite walls, recording the narrative of Noah’s Ark.

This title is also available on Sympathetic Vibrations: The Videoworks of Paul Kos.

Animated Contingencies is an animated documentary that looks at how sketches take the place of photography in courtroom settings. Andrews focuses on how two different representations, a photograph and a courtroom sketch, capture the moment Moses Wright, Emmett Till's uncle, pointed out Till's murders while on the witness stand at their trial. The work then examines the authority of photographic evidence and how animated representations can provide both visibility and anonymity in testimony and other contexts.

Attending, 2018

In collaboration with Iris McCloughan.

It’s a delight; not fragile yet.

It’s not hockey bashing and blades.

Not the escapades, or a snake.

It’s an expanded definition of drawing.

Grand Mal, 1981

"Oursler’s thematic concerns betray classic Freudian anxieties about sex and death. In Grand Mal, the hero takes a convoluted odyssey through a landscape of disturbing experiences. The video’s free association includes, "digressions about the difference between salt and sugar and a version of the creation myth that is both banal and terrifying."

— Christine Tamblyn, “Art Notes,” Scan (November/December 1981)

Made using voicemails the Kuchar brothers left on her home answering machine, the artist reveals George and Mike in all their candid honesty leading up to and following George’s untimely death in 2011. McGuire floats their voices along a river of digital scribbles and her own voice in singer/songwriter mode. The beauty of the piece lies partly in how the voicemails, used as-is and chronologically, contain an entire narrative about love and loss in a DIY style reminiscent of the Kuchars.

In this experimental interview with Jill Ker Conway, Freed outlines a portrait in chalk on a black surface as the soundtrack conveys Conway describing her fascination with the way ones visual self appears on camera and the way an artist perceives their subject. When the sketch is complete, Freed begins to apply paint, revealing Conway’s actual photograph beneath the chalk outline through a chroma-keying technique.

Symmetry, 2016

As the artist writes on a paper pinned to the wall in chalk, the left hand writes a mirror image of the right hand. The text reads "Symmetry is nature's way of seeing itself. P Kos 2004-2016"

The disparate chronicles of a high school wrestling team, a flooded town of aliens, and the love affair between two young men. Performers responded to individual drawings and prompts to collectively generate improvisational dialog during the Pilot Conference: Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass, in Chicago, 2004.

With Becca Taylor