Alternative Histories, Alternative Archives Schedule


9:00 am       Doors open — Coffee, light breakfast

9:30 am       Welcome — Abina Manning, Executive Director, Video Data Bank

9:40 am       Introductory Remarks — Arnold J. Kemp, Dean of Graduate Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

9:50 am       Keynote — Josh MacPhee, Co-founder, Interference Archive


10:15 am      Session 1 — Alternative Archives: How did we get here?

Representatives of a variety of archives will discuss in what way they consider themselves to be an alternative archive, as well as their origins, changes and growth, with a focus on the pros and cons of independence and different forms of institutional affiliation. 

Brian Graney — Associate Director and Senior Archivist, Black Film Center/Archive, Indiana University Bloomington

Allison Schein — Archive Director, Experimental Sound Studio

Nell Taylor — Executive Director, Read/Write Library

Candace Ming — Project Manager/Archivist, South Side Home Movie Project

Tom Colley (Moderator) — Archive and Collection Manager, Video Data Bank

11:30 am      Short break

11:45 am      Joshua Kent, Artist, St Francis House — Performative presentation

12:15 pm      Lunch — Tabling, Show and Tell


1:30 pm       Session 2 — Building Black and Latinx Archives for Survival, Art, and Time Travel

Hazel, Hernandez, and Marroquin are cultural workers in conversation about archives: trials and tribulations, access, personal collections, and engaging a wider audience including youth, artists and the public.

Tempestt Hazel — Director, Sixty Inches From Center

Andres Luis Hernandez — Associate Professor, Art Education, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Nicole Marroquin — Associate Professor, Art Education, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Introduced by George William Price, Development and Marketing Manager


2:30 pm       Short break


2:45 pm       Session 3 — The Archive as Artists’ Source

What is created when archival materials are incorporated into artistic practice? What is erased when the content of the archive is taken out of context?  Collaborations between archives and outsiders, encounters between private collections and public taste, and the distinction between documentation and representation raise questions about the role of the archive as source material.

Brian Belak — Collections Manager, Chicago Film Archives

Sara Chapman — Executive Director, Media Burn

Marc Fischer — Artist, Public Collectors

Zach Vanes (Moderator) — Distribution Manager, Video Data Bank

4:00 pm       Wrap up/Where do we go from here? — Josh MacPhee

4:30 pm       Finish