Control Group: VDB Screening at UnionDocs Brooklyn

Manhole 452, Jeanne Finley & John Muse

Control Group: Observing, Measuring and Attempting to Control the Natural World

This program of experimental videos presented by the Video Data Bank in collaboration with UnionDocs explores the natural world around us and how humans attempt to measure and control it. The artists turn their cameras toward natural environments and human built spaces to explore the intersections between the two.

VDB artists Pawel Wojtasik, Michael Gitlin, Dana Levy, and eteam (Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger) will be in attendance for discussion with curator and VDB Collection Manager Tom Colley.

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SCREENING DETAILS:  Sunday, October 28 at 7:30pm. Union Docs - 322 Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Suggested donation $9. Runtime 69 minutes.