Dara Greenwald, 1971-2012

Dara Greenwald at VDB

Today we mourn the loss of the wonderful Dara Greenwald, radical artist, organizer, fighter for justice, Pink Bloque dancer, bright light, cheeky smiler and dear friend.

Dara played a central role at the Video Data Bank from 1998 to 2005 when she worked as Distribution Manager, and contributed so much. In addition to working with VDB artists and customers (and developing relationships and friendships with many of them), Dara's interest in the radical feminist and activist aspects of the VDB collection led her to curate programs, organize screenings and teach classes that illuminated their histories and bought them into focus for new generations. Dara was a colleague and comrade who contributed the essential qualities that make an organization strong and vibrant -- energy, ideas, debate, work, community and laughter -- along with the occasional tear!

After Dara left VDB to pursue an MFA in Electronic Arts at RPI she continued her passionate interest in the VDB collection, particularly the Videofreex Archive which she curated and presented, building rapt audiences for this radical body of work from an earlier decade, and illustrating its continued relevance for those interested in media histories and media futures.

Dara was additionally a creative producer, a video artist, performer, writer, curator, a lover and a fighter. Her website daragreenwald.com includes extensive documentation of her work.

Dara, you are a shining star, and your bright light will never fade.

--Abina Manning, Director, on behalf of the VDB staff team

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