Early Video Pioneers: Videofreex with Portapaks

Lindsay Bosch

 Early Video Pioneers: Videofreex with  Portapaks 
 National Gallery of Art          Washington D.C.
 March 9th, 2014                                          East Buiding Auditorium                            4:00 p.m.
Video Data Bank is pleased to collaborate with Washington D.C.'s National Gallery of Art on March 9th  for a screening and discussion on the legacy of the pioneering Videofreex collective.  Armed with early consumer-grade video cameras known as Portapaks, the co-founders of the Videofreex (1969 –1978) were leaders in the development of community television, founders of the first pirate-TV station, and mentors to all those interested in sharing an open system of production.  VDB Collection Manager Tom Colley will join Videofreex members Parry Teasdale and Skip Blumberg for a screening and discussion.
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