Program 4 - Lagoglyphs

available on Eduardo Kac: Telepresence, Bio Art & Poetry [1980-2010]

Lagoglyph Animation
2009, 06:39, U.S., color, silent, real-time digital animation to video

Video recording of Lagoglyph Animation, a real-time computer animation that has been exhibited publically in parks, squares, and on buildings in worldwide locations such as New York, Havana, Seoul, and São Paulo, to name a few. Lagoglyphs are a series of artworks that create a visual language and a form of writing that refers to the artist’s project GFP Bunny (2000) — also known as Alba, the green bunny — a genetically modified rabbit that glows fluorescent green under blue light. The lagoglyphs are visual symbols composed of two units (one green, one black), each evoking Alba through infinite variations. In this video, the pictograms continuously flow and reconfigure themselves in new streams, placing emphasis on the generative mutability of writing. This video is a recorded clip from the original loopless and endless animation.

2009, 01:20, Brazil/U.S., color, silent, video

Video presenting Kac’s first Lagoogleglyph, a distributed, global artwork that inscribes a Lagoglyph (i.e. bunny pictogram) into the environment making it visible to anyone on the planet via Google’s geographic search engine. The video shows a zoom, created online with Google Earth, that progressively approaches the Lagoglyph installed on the roof of the Oi Futuro Cultural Center, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The animation takes us from outer space into the eye of the bunny and back again. The Lagoglyph (referencing a rabbit head) was made for and photographed by WorldView2, a satellite employed by Google. The work was shown from January 25th to March 30th, 2010, at the Centro Cultural Oi Futuro, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.