Prices and format options

Pricing is determined by purchase type, format, and length of the title. Detailed pricing information and available formats are found by clicking the Pricing Information link on each title page. Titles may not be available for every format or license.

Single Screening Rental License

Single Screening rentals provide the rights to screen the title in a public venue (classroom, theatre, or exhibition space) on a prearranged date. Single screening prices typically range from $100 - $150, and titles are available on DVD, Bluray, or digital file.

Exhibition Rental License

An Exhibition Rental comes with public performance rights and allows the title to be played continuously as a looped screening or otherwise, on a monitor or as a projection. Exhibition Rentals allow titles to be presented for the duration of an exhibition and are priced accordingly. Titles are available on DVD, Bluray, or digital file.

Library Purchase - Educational License

Educational Institutions (universities, libraries, and schools) can purchase DVD or Bluray copies of titles and box sets at a discounted rate. These purchases are intended only for classroom screenings and academic research and do not include public performance rights. Prices typically range from $275 - $350.

Digital Streaming License

The Digital Streaming License (DSL) provides digital files to academic library customers, allowing them to provide their users with streaming access to titles purchased from the VDB collection. The DSL allows VDB titles previously purchased on DVD or Bluray to be shared on a secure institutional network with a password-protected connection. Prices range from $75 - $300.

Individual Purchase

Individual Purchases come with no public performance or duplication rights, and may not be shown in any commercial, institutional, theatrical or educational settings. Prices typically range from $50 - $120, and titles are available on DVD or Bluray.

If an individual is interested in viewing certain works, we recommend that they make a request with an affiliated library, or make an appointment at VDB’s screening room.

Institutional Collection License - (Archival Acquisition)

VDB provides collecting institutions the option to purchase archival copies for accession to their permanent collection. The purchase comes with full public performance rights for screening or looped exhibition at the location of the purchasing institution. (Loaning and touring rights are not included). Archival acquisitions also includes duplication rights to transfer the title to other screening formats. Titles are available as uncompressed digital files. Archival acquisition prices are available by request.