Stardust: Films of the Hidden Universe

20Hz, Semiconductor

Chicago Filmmakers, along with the Adler Planetarium and Video Data Bank, presents Stardust: Films of the Hidden Universe as part of the Strange Science Series.

Cameras provide one way of observing the universe, while telescopes and satellites provide others. The filmmakers in this program offer cinematic views of the solar system that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Semiconductor (artist duo Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) turns mountains of scientific data into extraordinary portraits of the sun, geo-magnetic storms, and solar winds. Jeanne Liotta watches the flow of the cosmos over seven years through a Bolex camera and finds new ways to wonder about the night sky. (2007-12, 48 min. total)

Catch a preview screening of Stardust: Films of the Hidden Universe tonight, September 20, at Adler After Dark, 6:00 - 10:00 PM at the Adler Planetarium (Admission: $12/$17) or on Friday, September 28, at 7:30 PM. The Adler Planetarium is located at 1300 S. Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, IL.

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