VDB at transmediale, Berlin


Director Abina Manning is currently attending the transmediale festival in Berlin, where many Video Data Bank artists are exhibiting and screening work: Basma Alsharif, Hanspeter Ammann, Bureau of Inverse Technology (B.I.T.), Shu Lea Cheang, Anthony Discenza, eteam, Harun Farocki, Jesse McLean, Bjorn Melhus, Steve Reinke, Nicolas Provost, and Steina & Woody Vasulka.

We are also pleased to collaborate with the festival in presenting George Kuchar's Going Nowhere as part of their Historical Online Video Programme, featuring 9 works from the early history of Transmediale.

Following transmediale, Abina will be a guest for part of the Berlinale Forum – the International Forum of New Cinema and Forum Expanded, on from February 9th to the 19th.

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