Doug Hall

Born -

Doug Hall’s work centers upon the idea of media presentation as anthropological rite—a social spectacle heavily encoded with cultural values and contradictions. In addition to his well-known solo projects, during the 1970s Hall was a member of the media collective T.R. Uthco (with Diane Andrews Hall and Jody Procter) and a collaborator with Ant Farm. From the late 1980s to the present, Hall has produced a significant body of work in still photography, in addition to his work in video and video installation. He also co-edited (with Sally Jo Fifer) Illuminating Video: An Essential Guide to Video Art (1990).


Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
Songs of the 80s 1983 16 minutes Single Titles
Storm and Stress 1986 48 minutes Single Titles
The Amarillo News Tapes 1980 25 minutes Single Titles
The Eternal Frame 1976 24 minutes 16 seconds Early Video Art, Single Titles
The Speech 1982 3 minutes 39 seconds Early Video Art, Single Titles
This is the Truth 1982 3 minutes 30 seconds Single Titles