University Community Video-Minneapolis

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In 1973, student and community activists in Minneapolis joined forces to create University Community Video. Founders Miles Mogelescu, Ron McCoy, and Stephen Kulczycki, among others, offered courses in portable video production, supported by student fees from the University of Minnesota. At first, UCV's programs were shown over the University's closed-circuit cable television system. Eager to reach a broader community, UCV's staff succeeded in getting Communitube, a pilot magazine show, aired on PBS affiliate KTCA. It was the forerunner of Changing Channels, UCV's weekly alternative video magazine, which premiered on KTCA in 1974. Changing Channels ran for four years, winning numerous awards and establishing UCV as a Midwestern center for video documentary production.

In January of 1975, UCV began producing a companion program, Everybody's TV Time—an open-access program to accomodate community programming not included in their prime-time series. UCV's roots included an interest in the arts that area videomakers are still known for. In 1978, overworked staff ceased production of Changing Channels, refocusing energies on video workshops for students and community producers. UCV changed its name twice, finally becoming Intermedia Arts Minnesota, a regional media arts center. A selected collection of UCV tapes is available to the public at the Minnesota Historical Society.




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