Tara Mateik

Born - Massachusetts

Tara Mateik is an Artist, curator, and activist living in New York City. Entering both political and biological cells as an ersatz scientist, his work critically explores the gendered signifiers and codes of these fantastic mythologies through performance, video, and intervention.

As the founder of the Society for Biological Insurgents, or SBI (pronounced /spi/), an embryonic cell organization that seeks to overthrow institutions of compulsory gender, Mateik released mutinous biological agents in his work. Mateik’s radical passion is partly inspired by his celebrated work with Paper Tiger Television, a well-established non-profit video collective. As Coordinating Director at PTTV Mateik advocated for alternative media production and distribution initiatives that worked to demystify and democratize media. His video works include Toilet Training: Law and Order in the Bathroom (with the Sylvia Rivera Law Projects), Operation Invert and P.Y.T.

Mateik’s writing and work has been published in FELIX: A Journal of Media Arts and Culture, LTTR, a new queer feminist art journal and GRIP: A BOOK OF MANIFESTOS. He has curated video programs for the Mix Experimental Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies at CUNY. Mateik is an MFA candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Intergrated Electronic Arts program

Artist Collection List

Title Year Runtime Collection
OPERATION INVERT 2003 12 minutes 30 seconds Single Titles
Putting the Balls Away 2008 23 minutes Single Titles
Sylvia 2002 21 minutes Single Titles